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Welcome to Chain of Enemies. This VR game was made for the Ludum Dare 44 with the theme "your life is currency." I was inspired by the battle mechanics of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I hope you enjoy my game. Please excuse the lack of polish. 


The left menu button will open your deck builder. In this game, you have to slay enemies without running out of cards. You can take as many or as few as you like but only 4 per type.

You can fire cards with the right trigger or use them on yourself with the right grip. Pressing the left face button will move the card to your sword. If you do this again, you can store two cards.

These cards will combine when fired or used on yourself with the left trigger and left grip respectively. Be creative and try out different combinations of cards to find what you like. You can also jump with the right face button.

On your gun, you'll see 4 numbers, the top right is current cards or health, the top left is total cards or max health, the bottom left is armor, and the bottom right is sword damage.

Card Abilities

The firebolt card will deal 3 damage to you or shoot a firebolt dealing 5 damage to enemies. Combining this card often leads to more powerful firebolts.

The heal card will add 3 random cards from your deck to the bottom or heal enemies by 3. Combining heal with another card will add 3 of that card.

The freeze card will slow you or enemies. Combining this card often freezes enemies in place or add slowing effects.

The shield card will add 1 armor to you or enemies. Combining this card often gives you even more armor.

The speed card will increase your movement speed or that of enemies. Combining this card often leads to movement abilities.

The sword card will increase your sword's damage or that of enemies. Combining this card often modifies your sword further.


Chain of Enemies.zip 109 MB

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